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Dragon Ball Z and. b. Pokemon X&Y (includes major characters, attacks and ships from Pokemon XD and X&Y) Credits Game engine/technology/all around geek/designer/programmer. I wrote the physics for the game, wrote the controls for the character movement, and wrote the battle system. I also designed the main characters and everything from their designs to their powers to the ships they use. To the game makers: A lot of you are awesome people. Without you this game would not be possible. Especially to the creator of the game engine OpenBOR (a.k.a. Peanut): Thank you for giving me the freedom to learn and create a new project and for providing me with the means to do so. To my students: I learned a lot from you. A lot. Mostly, you were all awesome people. I will never forget all the work you put in to help me learn this stuff. Especially the author of the game website: Ex0xy. He helped me a lot in many ways, and it was great having him. I would like to thank: Mentaiku for a great site! And with his awesome library of Dragon Ball Z, I was able to test all the characters in the game with just a few clicks. He's also a really cool person. Tatsuo, you're a great person. For watching me work and helping me to learn. And of course, to all my other friends that I met through this game (the awesome artist, the fellow programmer, the guy that gave me a hand with creating a custom font to use in the game, the friend with the great tools to make custom fonts for you, the guy that taught me a lot about the game engine, etc... And the makers of it: OpenBOR. We didn't know each other at the time, but now we are good friends. I'm sure we'll be able to make tons of other awesome games together in the future. I would also like to thank: the members of the Game makers group for giving me the opportunity to learn and make this game. And to those of you that watched me work through the past month: I really appreciated you being patient with me. Sorry for all the problems I had in the beginning of the project. You are awesome. I would also like to thank



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Super.Win.Speed.Startup.v2.01.14.Retail-ARN Free Download [Updated]
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